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Website Miner Details Registration
 Kryptex   Kryptex is a Windows app that pays you for the computing power
of your PC. You Can Mine Bitcoin & Withdraw in Bitcoin Or Fiat.
 MinerGate  Auto Mine 2 Currencies at The Same Rate. Up to 20%
higher hashrate on average. Make your computer mine for cash
 CryptoTab  CryptoTab is the world's first browser with built-in mining
feature. It Mines Crypto While You Browse internet.

Highest Paying Offerwall Paid Survey Sites List 2020
Website Payment Status Payment Methods Registration
 TimeBucks  Payout Confirmed  Bitcoin, Skrill, Payeer, Bank Transfer, AirTM  
 Ysense  Payout Confirmed  Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon Gift Card  
 RewardingWays  Payout Confirmed  Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card  
 SuperPay  Payout Confirmed  Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card  
 CoinPayu  Payout Confirmed  Direct to Your Bitcoin Wallet  
 PointsPrizes  Payout Confirmed  Bitcoin, Paypal, Gift Card  
 CoinTiply  Payout Confirmed  Dogecoin Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet  
 MoreMoney  Payout Confirmed  FaucetPay MicroWallet, Bitcoin Wallet  
 ExpressCrypto  Payout Confirmed  CryptoCurrency Wallet  
 RushBitcoin  Payout Confirmed  FaucetPay Micro Wallet & Bitcoin Wallet  
 CoinAdster  Payout Confirmed  Faucetpay Micro Wallet & Bitcoin Wallet  
 FaucetCrypto  Payout Confirmed  Direct Wallet, ExpressCrypto, FaucetPay  
Website Coin Site Type Minimum Withdrawals Registration
 Kickass  Bitcoin  PTC, Advertise  0.0001 Bitcoin  
 RushBitcoin  Bitcoin  PTC, Shortlink & Offer  7000 Satoshi  
 Bitssurf  Bitcoin  PTC & Faucet  3000 Satoshi  
 Scarlet-Clicks  Bitcoin  PTC & Offerwall  $2 in Bitcoin  
 ClaimBitcoin  Bitcoin  Faucet & ShortLink  1000 Satoshi  
 MoreMoney  Bitcoin  PTC, Faucet, Offerwall   0.00025 Bitcoin  
 CoinAdster  Bitcoin  PTC, Faucet, Shortlink   0.00001000 BTC  
 FaucetCrypto  Multicoin  PTC, Faucet, Offerwall    No Minimum  
 CoinPayU  Bitcoin  Offerwall, PTC  0.0001 Bitcoin  
 AdBTC  Bitcoin  Best PTC Very Stable  0.00002 Bitcoin  
 Wad Ojooo  Bitcoin  Advertise, PTC, Offerwall  $2 in Bitcoin  
 AdsBitcoin  Bitcoin  Extension Based PTC  0.00005 Bitcoin  
 QoinAd  Bitcoin  PTC, CPA, Membership  0.00019 Bitcoin  
 Trafficly  Bitcoin  Extension Based PTC  0.00004 Bitcoin  
 Bitter  Bitcoin  Extension Based PTC  0.0001 Bitcoin  
Website Coin Referral Commission Minimum Withdrawals Registration
 Moon Bitcoin  Bitcoin  50% Of Faucet Claim  Instant Payment To  Coinpot   
 Moon Dogecoin  Dogecoin  25% Of Faucet Claim  Instant Payment To  Coinpot   
 Moon Litecoin  Litecoin  25% Of Faucet Claim  Instant Payment To  Coinpot   
 Moon Bitcoin Cash  Bitcoin Cash  25% Of Faucet Claim  Instant Payment To  Coinpot   
 Moon Dash  Dashcoin  25% Of Faucet Claim  Instant Payment To  Coinpot   
 Bonus Bitcoin  Bitcoin  50% Of Faucet Claim  Instant Payment To  Coinpot   
 BitFun  Bitcoin  50% Of Faucet Claim  Instant Payment To  Coinpot   
Important: You need to have a FaucetPay Account to Withdraw.
Status Website Coin Timer Referral Registration
 Trusted  BFS Faucet  Bitcoin  1 Minute  10%  
 Trusted  Larvel Faucet  Multicoin  60 Minutes  10%  
 Trusted  More Money  Bitcoin  60 Minutes  25%  
 Trusted  AdBTC  Bitcoin  N/A  10%  
 Trusted  CoinAdster  Bitcoin  5 Minutes  20%  
 Trusted  DogeMate  Dogecoin  60 Minutes  25%  
 Trusted  FaucetCrypto  Bitcoin  20 Minutes  25%  
 Trusted  KickAss  Bitcoin  N/A  30%  
 Trusted  RushBitcoin  Bitcoin  30 Minutes  15%  
 Trusted  Bitssurf  Bitcoin  5 Minutes  20%  
Website Details Payment Status Registration
 RushBitcoin  PTC, Shortlink & Offer  Payout Confirmed  
 Bitssurf  PTC & Faucet  Payout Confirmed  
 QoinAd  PTC, CPA and Offerwall  Payout Confirmed  
 CoinAdster  Up to 10K Bits Per Claim  Payout Confirmed  
 DogeMate   Faucet, Offerwall, ShortLink  Payout Confirmed  
 MoreMoney   PTC, Faucet, Offerwall, Shortlink  Payout Confirmed  
 Wad Ojooo  PTC , Upgrade Membership to Earn Big  Payout Confirmed  
 Laravel Faucet   PTC, Game, Offerwall, Shortlink  Payout Confirmed  
 Doge Ninja   Faucet, Rain Pool, PTC  Payout Confirmed  
 AdsBitcoin   Extension Based Modern Bitcoin PTC  Payout Confirmed  
 CoinPayu  Highest Paying Bitcoin PTC Site  Payout Confirmed  
 Trafficly  Extension Based PTC  Payout Confirmed  
 Bitter  Extension Based PTC  Payout Confirmed  
 FaucetCrypto  PTC, Faucet, Offerwall, Shortlink  Payout Confirmed  
Website Coin Details Minimum Withdrawals Installation
 Crypto Tab  Bitcoin  Bitcoin Mining Browser  1000 Satoshis     Download   
 Brave  BAT Token  $5 Free For Every 30 day Uses  $5 in Crypto     Download   
Website Timer Rewards/Details Referral Registration
 Doge Ninja  60 Minutes  1.20 Dogecoin Per Claim  50%  
 Bitter  N/A  Extension Based Modern Bitcoin PTC  50%  
 CoinPayu  N/A  2000 Satoshis Free For Registration  Up to 80%  
 Cointiply  60 Minutes  Win Up to 100000 Coins Per Claim  25%  
 MoreMoney  60 Minutes  Win Up to 400K Satoshi Per Claim  25%  
 CoinAdster  5 minutes  Up to 10000 Bits Per Claim  10%  
 QoinAd  N/A  Earn up to 3000 Satoshi Daily  50%  
 Wad Ojooo  N/A  PTC, Upgrade Membership to Earn Big  Up to 200%  
 DogeMate  60 Minutes  Win Up to 2500 Dogecoins Per Claim  25%  
 FaucetCrypto  20 Minutes  Earn 2000+ Satoshi Daily  25%  
 Laravel Faucet  N/A  Earn 5000+ Satoshi Daily  20%  
 AdsBitcoin  N/A  Extension Based Modern Bitcoin PTC  25%  
 AdBTC  N/A  Earn 3000 Satoshis Daily  10%  
 Kickass  N/A  Earn From Framed Ads and Surf Ads  30%  
 Trafficly  N/A  Extension Based Modern Bitcoin PTC  50%  
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Status Website Coin Details Referral Registration
 paying  AdsBitcoin  Bitcoin  Chrome Extension  25%  
 Paying  CoinPayu  Bitcoin  PTC, Offer & Advertising  Up to 50%  
 Paying  TimeBucks  Bitcoin  Paid Survey OfferWall  50%  
 Paying  Volutic  Bitcoin  Read Emails For ₿  100% , 6 Level  
 Paying  BFS Faucet  Bitcoin  FaucetPay Instant Payment  20%  
 Paying  Kryptex  Bitcoin  Crypto Miner For Windows  5%  
 Paying  Honeygain   $ (Paypal)  Install App, Turn it On  $5 , 10%  
 Paying  Wad Ojooo  Bitcoin  PTC & Offers  Up to 200%  
 Paying  Brave Browser  Bitcoin  $5 install Bonus  Up to $7.50  
 Paying  2captcha  Bitcoin  Better Than Faucets  10%  
 Paying  QoinAd  Bitcoin  PTC & CPA  100%  
 Paying  EarnBTC  Bitcoin  PTC & Faucet  50%  
 Paying  RushBitcoin  Bitcoin  Faucet, PTC & Offer  15%  
 Paying  Bitssurf  Bitcoin  PTC & Faucet  20%  
 Paying  Scarlet-Clicks  Bitcoin  PTC & OfferWall  Up to 100%  
 Paying  ClaimBitcoin  Bitcoin  Faucet & ShortLink  20%  
 Paying  MoreMoney  Bitcoin  Faucet, PTC & ShortLink  25%  
 Paying  Cointiply  BTC, Doge  Faucet & Offerwall  25%  
 Paying  Bitter  Bitcoin  Chrome Extension  50%  
 Paying  CoinAdster  Bitcoin  Faucet, Shortlink, Offer  20%  
 Paying  FaucetCrypto  Multicoin  Faucet, PTC & ShortLink  25%  
 Paying  Trafficly  Bitcoin  Chrome Extension  50%  
 Paying  AdBTC  Bitcoin  Old & Top PTC  15%  
 Paying  CryptoTab Browser  Bitcoin  Mining Browser  10% , 10 Level